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Commercial Services

Our company specializes in large commercial and industrial projects.

  • Laurel Highlands Fence was founded on large commercial and industrial projects. Whether you need a garbage enclosure or an entire sports facility, we have the experience to complete the task.

A qualified estimator can consult you on what products will fit your project needs as well as provide you with written specifications on your choices.

  • As experts in our industry, we have experience with which products work the best for specific applications.  Why waste your time on guessing or reading outdated specifications when you can have us do the work for you?  If you tell us you need a backstop for your project, we can provide you with the industry correct, safe, specifications that are ready to plug right into your project.

We have trained commercial estimators to read any commercial project blue prints.

  • We have years of experience with reading project blue prints. We are also a member of the Pittsburgh Business Exchange, which means if you post your project there, we are able to access your prints immediately or you can also mail, or email us (see the contact page).

 We are a participating prevailing wage company.

  • We can provide you with all of the necessary paper work involved in a prevailing wage project.

Certifications and expert shop drawings are available.

  • Certifications such as, U.S. steel certification, are available upon request.

  • Our state of the art fence software makes us capable of providing you with a professional set of shop drawings.

A professional typed estimate is provided for your project.

  • We provide you with a professionally typed estimate specific to your bid request. All of our estimates include all costs involved to complete your project.