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Vinyl Fence

sampleWe can't stand behind a product unless it is the finest vinyl fence available on the market today. PolyVinyl Fence Products. Their attention to quality extrusions, craftsmanship, design, shipping methods, lead times and offering a Lifetime Transferable Warranty. Makes them the leader in the fence industry.

We strive to sort out the lesser grade materials that are made to look like a bargain, yet in the end cost you not only higher dollars but a much less desirable addition to your home.

Here is one example that comes to mind in vinyl fencing. To us, there is nothing worse than riding down the road and to see a vinyl picket fence with pickets missing. In our part of the country, fence needs to be strong enough to withstand extreme outdoor temperature fluctuations, wind, snow and the suns harmful rays. PVC vinyl fence expands and contracts substantially in just a 15 degree temperature change. Most home improvement warehouses stock economy grade fences that are typically glued or vinyl welded to the front to the rails and. During temperature changes these pickets will expand and contract, causing a crack in the glue or weld. This can lead to a picket becoming dislodged. Once this happens, there is no way to re-glue or re-weld it back on. The only solution is to put an unsightly screw straight through the front of the picket. Our picket fences have a innovative hidden clip system, which makes it nearly impossible to lose a picket because it allows for expansion and contraction, but also enables you to replace just one picket if necessary.

These products also require wooden posts sleeved with a thin vinyl covering rather than a true vinyl post that is strong enough to stand alone. This creates a few problems, a good quality vinyl fence has holes routed into it to except the rails thus leaving a nice clean fastener free look. In the economy fence you have to use brackets and screws which leaves an unfinished appearance. Also, since there are no holes in the post, you will have to measure and place each bracket and screw it in place. Making it a not so do it yourself friendly project.

Last but not least, we live in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains, these products were made to go on a completely level plain. Most people don't even realize that their yards aren't really all that flat until they go to install the fence. It doesn't take much to need a little rack from a fence panel. With these economy panels, you have no room to negotiate.  Either it's straight or you have to step it.  When you step a panel, you are left with a large triangular gap at the bottom of each panel. This gap in most cases ends up defeating the purpose of the fence. If the purpose was to add to your landscape, you will soon see you were happier without it and if it was to keep pets in, a dog can get through a hole big enough to fit its head into. All of our fences are adaptable to fit grades, some fit slight grades, others can accommodate extreme situations while still having a professional, attractive, and productive end result.

These issues can make your maintenance free fence a lot of work. An educated consumer is our best client.