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Sports Facilities

Our company specializes in custom built back stops and batting cages. In order for them to take a beating and still have strength to last 20 plus years. Built with industrial weight materials, our back stop frames are assembled with 40 weight industrial pipe. They are all stretched with 9 and/or 6 gauge wire and the wire is bolted with a tension bar and tension band to the framework. There are several back stop designs to choose from depending on your needs and budget. We also can provide you with shop drawings and specifications to show you what the finished project will look like.

sampleWe build tennis court fences to fit any court configuration using a 1 3/4" x 9 gauge chain link mesh to ensure the balls don't get stuck in the diamonds. The frame work is built using 40 weight industrial pipe.

All back stops, batting cages, and tennis court fences can have vinyl coated chain link wire or the entire fence vinyl coated in black, brown, or green.