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sampleDon't be fooled by the kennels sold at home warehouse and hardware stores. These products are not bargains at all, they are made with the thinnest wire and pipe with bent corners instead of taking the time to weld it. Since they are bent and not welded, the corners and gates have large holes to start an escape route for your dog. Not to mention, they are assembled with a thin rod and gate clips, not tension bands with bolts. Even small of dogs can destroy them easily.

Each kennel we make is made to order which gives us the ability to customized it to your specifications. Whether you only need a three sided kennel because you're adding on to an existing kennel or you need a dog door placed in a specific spot, or want a bigger gate opening, our custom weld shop has the capabilities to do the job. We start with a custom welded, heavy residential .065 walled pipe frame work, 2" x 9 gauge galvanized fence wire. The wire is bolted to the frame work with 1/4" x 3/4" tension bars and a tension band instead of gate clips, which are intended for light residential gates. This makes for a secure attachment, one that a dog cannot eventually bend loose. Our kennels are built to last, and you and should get 20 or more years use from it.

If you have to buy 2 or more of the bargain kennels, and spend hours worrying and looking for your dog, also the possibility of them damaging someone else's property, how much money did you really save?