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Aluminum Railing

sampleWe searched for just the right aluminum railing product and finally found it. Westbury Aluminum Railing stands above the rest in the industry, from the design and construction to the coating process.

 It was important to us to find a rivet free design with superior construction along with a great coating. Handrail constructed with rivets, shows everything, everywhere the picket is attached, there is a rivet, in both the top and bottom rails. The bottom rail is actually two pieces of aluminum with a series of pickets riveted between them. Our top and bottom rails are routed with holes to accept each picket for a visually clean look and structurally sound construction. See the Architectural Test Incorporated, test results on the left of the page. The sections are assembled with a hidden screw bracket assembly. So you see no unsightly fasteners. Westbury Aluminum Railing also has a certified AAMA 2604 powder coating, which means you will see no gloss and color fade for at least five years.

Westbury Railing is available in 36" and 42" tall, 9 different styles, 12 colors and comes boxed per 4',5',6',7' and 8' sections. As well as 10', 12', 14', and 16' crossover sections. Each box section contains, top and bottom rails, pickets, 2 top and 2 bottom hidden bracket assemblies and screws. We hope you read the literature we provided and see for yourself that, Westbury Aluminum Railing is the choice for you.