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Aluminum Fence and Entry Gates

sampleOur aluminum fence and entry gates coatings are green and the only ones in the industry to have received the AAMA 2604 powder coating certification. All CourtYard Aluminum Fence lines offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

What your aluminum fence is coated with, makes all the difference in the world. Most of the aluminum fence industry is not using a coating made for long term outdoor use. CourtYard Aluminum Fence, is the only aluminum fence in the industry using an AAMA 2604 powder coating process.   What does this mean to you? Well, in order to get this certification, the fence must pass a series of tests. These tests measure color uniformity, dry firm hardness, film adhesion, etc. The end result is no signs of corrosion, color fading, or reduction in gloss for at least 5 years, while most competitors can not claim this after 6 months.

Each aluminum fence is made to order. That means, they start with bare aluminum stock, fabricate it to your specifications, then put it through a 10 step powder coating process, carefully package it on a crate, shrink wrap it, label it with your name and each piece contained within that crate, and ship it out on their own trucks, directly to us. The the best thing is, they do all of this in just 2-4 weeks, depending on the order and time of the year.

CourtYard Aluminum Fence has a lot of styles to choose from and also offers 8 color choices at no extra cost.  For an up charge, they will custom make a fence or gate to your specifications, you can choose different accessories from King Architectural Metals and have it powder coated to match the gate. You can even pick a custom color for the entire gate and a different one for the accessories! Just supply them with the Sherwin Williams paint number. They also have a fastener free system, so the fence has no visible fasteners on the posts or the panels. Most municipalities require you to put the screws on the inside of the fence, forcing you to view the less attractive side of the fence.  With our hidden fastener system, you don't have to worry about that. Also, fences that are a screwed together construction, are painted prior to the construction of the panel, this requires the installer to touch up every screw on the fence to cover up where the screwdriver wore off the paint on the screw head. This product speaks for it self over and over again. See for yourself, but be careful of the companies that say they have a TGCI coating, because it doesn't mean anything. Request the AAMA 2604 certification.